Print this page and score yourself from 0 to 3 on each of the 8 "petals" of the Circle of Life.® 

Select 1 if the area needs work. Select 3 if you feel you are doing well in that quadrant. 

Draw a line around the petals to join your selected scores to view a snapshot of how you see your Circle of Life.® Over time, aim to move towards a score of 3 in each area.

The Quadrants

Click on the quadrant names that are listed immediately below, to learn more about each and to help you choose the right score for yourself today. 

Food yellow dot Fun yellow dot Family yellow dot Friends yellow dot Fitness yellow dot Feelings yellow dot Finance yellow dot Faith 

Circle of Life Diagram
Circle of Life®


Next Steps - You Decide

Decide which areas you would like to work on immediately. While keeping the better scores stable, work towards improvement in your selected quadrant.

Now would be a great time to start a journal of your journey to joy!

Do this exercise every month to gauge your move towards "Full Circle Living."®

The Circle of Life® helps you to measure your stress levels on a daily basis. You can use it to track changes in your lifestyle from negative to positive. You decide what aspects of your life need looking into and which you’d prefer to change first. As you make changes for the better you will feel stress melting away, energy and productivity increasing and joy becoming a recognizable presence in your life.

Description of the "Circle of Life"® Quadrants


You are what you eat! Health science tells us that we should be eating 7 to 13 servings of fresh fruit, vegetables and berries every day – as much raw as possible; drinking fresh, filtered water; drinking no caffeine, sodas, alcohol and energy drinks; eating more fresh ocean-caught fish than red meat; eating a little fresh poultry and eggs; adding raw nuts and seeds; eating more pulses: dried, canned or fresh beans, lentils, peas and reducing dairy for real preventative health.

If you are doing this, you score 3!

If you are still eating lots of fast and fried food, skipping meals or eating on the run, drinking diet or straight sodas, coffee and alcohol, and regularly eating only baked and cooked foods, score yourself 1 or 2.


Family members can be the source of a lot of stress. In this case, talk is not cheap! If someone has hurt you, talk to him/her. Try saying: "I feel pain or hurt when you say or do..." If you have the courage to tell how you actually feel without laying blame or pointing fingers, you will often reduce stress and save a relationship. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that we always hurt the ones we love. We always have a choice in what we say and do.

Score high for having great relationships with family members – both immediate and extended family - or if you haven’t spoken to a family member in years, score yourself down.



Very few men are islands! We each need to give and receive love and care.

This aspect of the Circle of Life® pays great dividends if we are conscious of it. We need to work at friendships for them to repay us. As with Family, hurt feelings need to be discussed and cleared out so that we can move on with our lives to reduce stress and find peace and joy. Many new relationships step on the toes of old friends.

Find a way to keep a healthy balance. Include relationships with pets in this section.


If your savings are dwindling away or if you have no savings, score low. If you have enough each month to cover expenses, score around 2. Covering costs, having enough to save, and being in a position to plan for your future, children’s schooling, retirement and taking holidays gives you a higher score. Having much more money than you need and spending as though there is no tomorrow doesn’t automatically give you a 3. Maybe extra money could be used to reduce the stress of someone else’s life.

Stress in this area can be managed with education about money management and help with financial planning and taxes. Being happy and unstressed at work also plays a part in this aspect of your life.


Fun - Best Part of the Circle!

Are you having enough fun? Are you having too much fun? Remember that health is about balance. The best fun is free and usually involves family, friends or pets. If you are single and on your own, look for like-minded groups to share your time and interests with. Being alone does not mean you cannot have fun or cannot enjoy your own company: education, music, sport, volunteering and so on can all be regarded as fun.


This section is all about how you feel inside. If you think your emotions are causing problems for you, they probably are. If you are not happy, positive, productive and able to bounce back from an upset, score from 1 to 2. If you are taking medication for emotional issues such as depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, anger/rage, etc and think it is benefitting you, score a 2, otherwise score lower. A score of 3 will mean you are happy with who you are, accept yourself – warts and all – and you can sleep with an easy, clear conscience! Feelings are often linked with the other 7 sections of the Circle.


Faith is all about your spirituality and the beliefs you hold dear. It is not specifically about organized religion. If you are strong and unshakable in your faith and live morally and in harmony with others, score 2 or 3. If you think there is place for more belief, love, acceptance, peace and harmony in your life, score from 1 to 2.



You will be scoring yourself on your level of fitness in this section. Health professionals recommend that we exercise for 30 minutes every day.

"What kind of exercise is the best kind?"

Any exercise that you WILL do consistently: walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, jogging, dancing or sport that gets your heart pumping and blood moving freely. If you are injured, exercise all the bits that are healthy! Try for a blend of aerobic and weight-bearing exercise and stretching.

Physical well-being is also a part of "Fitness."
Score lower if you are overweight, on medications that make you feel bad. Correcting imbalances in Food and Fitness levels will go a long way to raising your score in this area. All illness (including osteoporosis) is a measure of your physical wellness.
Score high if you are medication free, exercise more than 4 times a week, fall asleep easily on going to bed, awaken easily and heal easily.


"You'll begin to get a return on your investment when you begin to invest in your health."