All therapies offered by Dr. Tayler are geared towards reduction of Acidosis – an internal state which exacerbates oxidative stress and causes inflammation and eventually disease. Dr. Tayler is passionate about helping you reclaim your health holistically and naturally.



The Problem:
Habit, media misinformation, emotional stress, time constraints and other challenges create poor eating patterns. You are what you eat!

The Good News:
The Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health agree that 75-80% of disease is preventable with specific risk-reducing lifestyle changes.

The Solution
​Revisit your eating habits, make necessary changes to reduce acidosis and enjoy the positive health benefits.

Dr. Tayler offers one-on-one counseling; 6-weekly Weight Management and LEAN Coaching courses. Contact us for details.

healthy foods


Juice Plus

We need 9-13 servings of fresh, raw produce every day. By adding Juice Plus to your diet you will "bridge the gap" with whole food.
Learn more about the balanced diet products in our Juice Plus storefront.



The main goal of yoga is balance. With continued practice the body and mind become more flexible, stronger and stress-free.

Pranayama – breathing exercises – help to lower BP, strengthen the cardio-vascular system and quiet the 'monkey mind.'

Dr. Tayler is Yogafit certified – a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa styles which de-stress, aid posture, co-ordination and relaxation. If you are not already taking yoga classes, Dr Tayler is able to recommend poses appropriate to your specific needs.



Reiki ("ray-key")

Reiki focuses energy to promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. In today’s society, many humans and animals are deprived of healthy touch. Reiki is a hands-on healing therapy that benefits young and old alike, powerfully but gently restoring balance. Sessions are 30 to 60 minutes each and may be combined with Reflexology for additional support.


Our feet contain hundreds of reflex points for all of the body’s organs, joints and bones. Regular Reflexology massage provides pain relief, organ support, increased oxygenation, and reduced stress and inflammation. Sessions are 30 to 60 minutes each and may be combined with Reiki for additional support.



Bach Flower Remedies

Our negative emotions can cause us to become stressed and sick. Bach Remedies help to clear the body of any of 38 emotions that may be creating a toxic environment.

Stress Reduction

Dr Tayler will recommend one or many of the above therapies to best fit your stress profile and specific needs.



Hormone Balancing

Hormones are involved in thousands of daily metabolic reactions in your body. If you are constantly stressed, your body synthesizes Cortisol to the exclusion of many other necessary hormones and you may develop depression, thyroid, adrenal, sleep or sexual issues due to this imbalance. Nutrition, exercise, MRS therapy, yoga, Reiki and bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) may be suggested according to your needs.


Every plant has a specific Essential Oil (EO) which acts as its immune system. Pure EO’s, used either singly or in combination, produce specific therapeutic effects, such as powerful anti-microbials, anti-virals, anti-biotics, room cleansers, sleep-inducers, mood enhancers and so on. The ancient art of Aromatherapy is much more than merely cosmetic.


Herbal & Homeopathic Support

Dr. Tayler regularly recommends specific herbal and homeopathic products for acute or chronic conditions. These preparations are found in reputable local health stores.

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Dr. Tayler uses the MRS 2000 system, state-of-the-art German technology, to smooth and restore the body’s disrupted energy. The MRS mat helps to reduce specific and general pain, restore healthful sleep and support healing.


"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.

When diet is right, medicine is not needed."

Ayurvedic proverb