I believe that great nutrition serves our bodies from cradle to grave. It is our God-given right to be healthy - with one provision - we are responsible for that gift and should do everything in our power to nurture our bodies and the health of our families, during the time we are given.
We cannot eat processed food and expect it to nourish us - the state of American health attests to that. 
The National Institutes of Health have stated that as much as 80% of our so-called "dread diseases" are side effects of an unhealthy lifestyle - of taking our health for granted. This should be both a wake-up call and a light at the end of the tunnel!
We CAN do something to improve our health and that of our children. The questions are: Will we bother? Will we be in time?



I am passionate about improving the foundational, cellular health of my clients, students and family. Cellular health is not something that can be immediately seen or felt, but it is the only way to insure long-term good health, fewer or no medications and a reduction, or freedom, from symptoms. It is what we don't see that counts!


What You Can Expect When You Visit Me

For nutrition counseling, your first visit will be 1 hour 30 minutes. You will complete an intake form and at least a food questionnaire. The rest of the time will be taken up with talking about you, your eating habits, likes and dislikes, lifestyle and family - giving me a picture of how best to serve your needs. You will receive handouts to read and will be guided to begin working on correcting your nutritional imbalances over the following weeks. There will be 3 to 6, 30-minute follow-up visits during which we will cover issues, menus, pantry makeovers and food shopping.

Hormone Balancing sessions follow at least the first nutrition counseling session format, because hormonal imbalance is primarily a nutritional issue. There may be a recommendation of certain natural hormone complements as well.

For the energetic therapies, including Reiki, magnetic resonance and reflexology, you will complete an intake form and have an hour's relaxing and regenerating treatment.

I do not take health insurance - which allows me leeway to work with you. Ironically, many of the therapies I offer while being totally natural and supported by medical science, are not covered by health insurance. This does not, however, deter determined people from consulting me to turn their health around!

My home is my office. I also visit hospitals, homes and hospices on request of my clients.

Currently I take payments in cash or check only.



"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.

When diet is right, medicine is not needed."

Ayurvedic proverb